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I am sure that some of you got confused when you visited the website What makes you confused is that you will be redirected to a website named You do not have to worry about this because you are in the right website. The website used to called as has been changed into for good. Just like the previous website, the new website still also a lot of things to offers. This website is still in the position of one of the best shopping websites that one can get from the internet. Even the best, the that used to sell computer and electronic product, now has been expanded to something even more varied than it used to. Today, the website sells not only computer and electronic products, but it also sells a lot of different things that you needs such as fashion, beauty, video games, books, movies, music, household, heath, fitness, toys, and baby products.  If you want to order any products on Rakuten.Com, you can order it on its official website. You can use free coupons for to get exclusive discounts. Read more detailed information about Buy.Com coupons printable below here. or coupon codes

A brief history of and

The website is a website of online retailer that is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, one of the cities in California, United States of America. The website is used to called as, and this website as founded in 1997 by a person named Scott Blum. Just like what I have told in you in the previous section of this passage, the website used to sell computer and electronic products. However, since it was acquired and bought by, the website now offers its costumers with a lot of things that they can buy from online website like this. Before the name was changed into, had been one of the best places for people to shop online.

The reason why people love buying things from this place is because of the price the website had offered at that time. If you compared the price offered from this website to that offered by other website, you will see that the price offered in was so much cheaper.

Rakuten or Buy.Com Products

Just like what I have told you that once the name has changed into, the list of product sold in this website has become more varied than it used to be. So, what are the product sold by this website? The new website offers you with a lot of thing that you can buy. Now, instead of just computer and electronic product, you can also buy some fashion product such as shoes, dress, and even jewelry. But do not worry if you need to buy some electronic product because this website still offers that. In addition to that, if you need to buy some entertainment product such as books, movies, even video games, you can visit the to find out what you want.

Buy.Com Coupon Codes, Printable Coupons, Discounts and Promo Codes May 2018

Get $20 Off on All Apparel, Shoes and Accessories

You can get special discount up to $20 off $50. This promo is valid for all apparel, shoes and accessories. You can use promo code “FINDFASHION” at checkout page.

Get 20% Back on All Fashion and Beauty Products

You can use promo code :FABREWARDS” to get special offer. You can read more details about this offer here.

Top Deals Everyday

You can get daily deals, weekly deals and shop owner specials on computers, electronics, movies, home, beauty and more products. You can follow the link above to grab special deals everyday on Rakuten.

Rakuten Free Shipping

The company also provides free shipping offers on million of products in computers, office, electronics, entertainment, beauty, style, home, outdoor, etc.

What’s Shakin

You can get a special price for products with the highest change in sales rank over the past 24 hours.


You can get special discounts up to 75% off on some products such as computers, hard drives, monitors, software, networking, tv, video, camera, apparel, jewelry, watches, toys, and bags. Click the link above to grab this offer.

Buy Now Bargains

You can get special prices on several products. You can check the link above to grab this deal.

Special Offers and Promo Codes

You can get special deals, promo codes and top weekly deals in fashion and beauty, watches, outerwear, shoes and jewelry. You can follow the link above to find the latest valid promo codes.

Special Stores

Halloween Store

Profootball Store

Latest Updates, News and Offers

You can get the latest exclusive deals, flash deals and promotions on tech, electronics, apparel, home and more products by registering your email address at the link above here.

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