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AirTran Airways is a low-cost airline operated in United States. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, it is known as number one low-cost airline for the past three years based on the Airline Quality Rating. It also written its name in a Fortune 1000 company. AirTran is the best place for you to get a flight at a low prices. If you want to take a plan with flight or car, then you can order it from its official website. You also can find special vacation packages and hotels too. You can use free coupons for AirTran to get an exclusive discounts. Read more detailed information about AirTran coupons printable below here.

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Used to be a big independent company, now the AirTran was taken over by Southwest Airlines. AirTran Airways has gone through quite a long journey. The business was started in Minneapolis, Minnesota by operating as a Northwest Airlink. It renamed the airline to AirTran Airways in 1994 after purchased a start up 737 operators named Conquest Sun. Then, the headquarters was moved to Orlando, Florida. Next, the ValuJet Airlines, Inc. announced to acquire Airways Corporation, Inc., the holding company for AirTran Airways, Inc. of Orlando, Florida. However, the situation was turned back following two serious accident under the name of ValuJet Airlines—the ValuJet Airlines changed its name to AirTran Airlines after acquiring Airways, Inc. The hub remained in Atlanta, but the headquarters of the used-to-be two companies was combined in Orlando. In 1999, the management was under the control of the new team led by a veteran of Eastern Air Lines, Joe Leonard, and Robert L. Fornaro from US Airways.

There were some acquisitions tried to be made by AirTran Airways. In 2004, AirTran lost the deal from Southwest Airlines in buying the leases of ATA Airlines’ 14 gates at Chicago-Midway Airport. The next losing target was Midwest Air Group. Once again, the Southwest Airlines won the bid in the name of its partner: TPG Capital. It was a real ‘competition’ between AirTran and Southwest after both of them were trying to give the higher bid than other. By August 2007, the TPG Capital, with Southwest Airlines, legally won the bid by increasing the offer to $17 per share, a $1 higher than its previous bid. The pilot of AirTran also rejected the contract proposal after doing a voting to dump the union president and the vice president of the company.

On September 2010, it was announced that AirTran Airline would be occupied by Southwest Airlines. The Southwest purchased AirTran for US$ 1.4 billion. Within the next two years, Southwest expected to finish the acquisition and merger of the two companies. The company obtained the single operating certificate for the combined carrier in March 2012 following the deal acquisition which was closed in a year before in May 2012. The integration of the employee is expected to be completed by 2015. Southwest Airline gained a huge benefit by successfully occupied the largest city without Southwest service under the control of AirTran such as Atlanta. Then it added the service in Milwaukee, Baltimore, and Orlando. As the starting point of the integration, the code sharing was gained on February 14, 2013 and the launching of shared itineraries in five market on January 26 in the same year. Within a month afterward, it launched the shared itineraries for more 39 markets, and April 2013 was scheduled for the finished shared itineraries for both domestic and international services. The integration was announced to be finished totally for the service by the closing flights on the name of AirTran Airways which was scheduled for the flights from Atlanta to Tampa International Airport.

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