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Checks Unlimited is a company that works as direct mail check printer to offer an exceptional value on high-quality checks. Offering this kind of service, the company successfully becomes the nation’s top direct-check because of the high security business checks which offers 15 extra securities to prevent fraud. Located in Colorado, Springs, the company is set between the wide area of Colorado plains and the towering of Rocky Mountains. Offering the service on checking direct mail with high-quality checks, Checks Unlimited include over a selection of 70 personal check designs and matching accessories for your checkbook. You can possibly find a wide assortment of tools and accessories that can be used for managing your business checks. Not limited to the personal checks, the company also offers a great selection of designs for business checks. Suited with the every customer’s need, you can get general-purpose checks through custom lettering, logos and monograms are available. Initially, the company only included 13 designs but it has increased to 70 designs that are completed with full line of address labels, checkbook covers, check-related accessories, and a complete line of business check. If you want to have customized checks for you, then you can use free coupons for Checks Unlimited to get special prices. Read more detailed information about Checks Unlimited coupons printable below here.

checks unlimited coupon codes

Checks Unlimited which originally is known as Current Checks, was established in 1986 as the major direct mail check printer. As the first company offering this service, Checks Unlimited was based on the principles of hard work, excellence and integrity. Yet, they kept being updated to the new possibilities of development. On the other hand, having the clear intention on offering high-quality checks, the company is successfully expanded over the years, according to the customers’ needs and market trends at the same time.

For those who own business, you will need the column that categorizes the employee’s earning and deductions that is completed with a line for captions and taxes. Not stopping there, you will also be grateful that Checks Unlimited offers the laser checks and inkjet printers which are compatible to more than 15 types of accounting software. You can make sure that all the licensed designs of America’s favorite characters and icons. Meeting the specifications that are recommended by the Check Payment Association (CPSA), it has a padlock icon shown in front of each check. So, you will not need to worry as the safety of your checks will be the same when it comes out from the bank. As additional information, CPSA is an outside agency that set the security standards for check-printing industry.

You can also be assured to get 15 exceptional security measures which can check a foiled hologram that cannot be copied. Checks Unlimited also offers the online checks ordering that includes a guarantee for the customers. Refund will be given if you are not satisfied with your purchase. You can also request for a catalog just in case you want to have an order via mail. It is actually a small company compared to other check-printing ones but the wide variation of design checks makes it stands out the most and becomes the top nation’s direct mail check printing.

Checks Unlimited Coupon Codes, Printable Coupons, Discounts and Promo Codes May 2018

Special Offers

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Free 4th Box of Checks

You can use promo code 8FJD to get free 4th box of checks, free custom lettering and free upgradto special edition check.

Free Address Label

You can get free address label if you buy 2-4 boxes of checks. You can use promo code BXMZ at checkout page to grab this offer.

Promo Code from an Ad

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Email Offers

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Free Shipping and Handling

If you want to get free shipping and handling on all orders, you just need to use promo code LC76 at checkout page.

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