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Do you want to give your little one something that he or she can play with. If you have no idea what kind of gift that you want to give to your little one, you might need to visit the website of Build a Bear. I know that the company name is very funny, but it is not exaggerated. In the website,, the customers of this site are able to create some bear stuff animal so that they can get any kind of stuff bear that they will like. You can just remember the time when you went to store looking for some stuff bears that you cannot find the one that suits the likes of your little one. I am sure that many shops in your city or town has stuffed bear, but I am not sure that you can easily find the one that you and your little one love the most. When that condition happens to you, you need to go to the website so you can actually build a stuff bear that comes from you and your little one’s imagination. In their website, you will find cute clothing and accessories such as outfits, dresses, tops, bottoms, costumes, boxers/briefs, build-a-bear buddies, gift sets, outfits, panties, pants, and shorts. If you want to buy a cute costume for your kid on their website, then I recommend you to use free coupons for Build A Bear. Read more detailed information about Build A Bear coupons printable below here.

build a bear coupon codes

The idea behind Build A Bear

Some of you might have been asking about the idea of this store. The great idea that becomes the background of the founding of this store came from a ten-year-old girl who wanted to have a bear that none of the stores in her neighborhood had it. Knowing that, the owner of Build a Bear, Maxine Clark, wanted to make a store where kids could create the stuff animal that they really wanted, and this is how the Build A Bear came into the business. The company itself started its business back in the year of 1997 at the St. Louis Galleria located in St. Louis. From that very moment, the company now has more than 400 stores in all over the world and sells more than 125 million stuffed animal all over the world. So, if you do not live in Missouri or even in America, you might have the chance to build your own stuff animal.

Just like what we have discussed in the previous session, the main items sold by this company is stuffed bear where the customers can customized whatever they want so that they can get the stuff animal that they really want. However, the Build a Bear also has a lot of more things to offer. For example, if you want to plan a party for your little one birthday, for instance, you can always trust the company to arrange it for you. I am pretty sure that the guests and your little one will be happy at that event.

In short, it is a company that has been built from dream. That dream has now become the dream fulfillers for other kids who want to have a special toy that they cannot get from any kind of store. So, if your little one needs to have a new stuff animal that cannot be found in other stores, he or she can create one for himself or herself at Build a Bear.

Build a Bear Coupon Codes, Printable Coupons, Discounts and Promo Codes May 2018


The company has special coupons page for you. Please check it first and prints your coupons!

Select Friends – 2 for $35

You can buy 2 selected items for $35. This offer is limited, so grab it fast!

Free Shipping

Free FedEx shipping applies to all orders over $40. The discount code FREESHIP40 is applied automatically at checkout page.

Get all 3 for $20

You can buy robe, pajamas, and slippers for $20. The regular price is $32.

Email Offers

You can get the latest deals, updates, and coupons by entering your email address at the link above here. You also can get their latest deals on the homepage. So, please check the homepage to know their latest deals.

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